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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

DNC Chair: Obama Is America

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez introduced former President Barack Obama as America’s “real president” at a DNC fundraiser Thursday night.

“Let’s give it up for the real president of the United States,” Perez said at Thursday’s fundraiser, Politico reported.

Obama reportedly then told the crowd of Democratic donors that they are “right to be concerned” about Trump’s presidency.

Perez’s false descriptor for Obama is just the latest instance of prominent Democrats abandoning political norms in order to undermine President Trump.



Anonymous said...

and they call President Trump supporter cultists. obama was only a president to the democrats who are just like him. Vulgar, perverted, lying ghetto trash.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

In no way is Obama America. He is an unabashed socialist, which is most certainly not what America is. The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money, which is exactly what he nearly succeeded in doing prior to President Trump.



Anonymous said...

They're coming closer to pushing it over the edge.

Anonymous said...

Attn: Tom Perez

Barry Obama is Kenya's President. Or Indonesia's President. FIFY!

Anonymous said...

When the usa last had two proclaimed presidents, Jefferson Davis and Abe Lincoln, We were killing each other. We heard STRONGER TOGETHER and PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, until the vote was counted.Those are treasured ideals to what makes america great. Please voters support the united states of america and to the republic for which it STANDS!

Anonymous said...

What a jerk! Why doesn't he just go away!

Anonymous said...

8:41 right on!

Anonymous said...

Lock them up. What are we waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Wrong; Obama is NOT and will Never be America. He was the Manchurian Candidate who won because MOST Americans were asleep; yes asleep and didn't care!!! You got who you voted for. Idiots all.