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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Nuclear Option: Limitless Investigation of Trump Was Always the Plan

So this is the new standard for electing a president here in America, the greatest living experiment in self-governance.

A man can run the gauntlet against more than 20 professional politicians and come out victorious.

He can win more than 40 Republican primary contests and beat every professional political campaigner out there, earning the votes of more than 14 million Republicans.

He can then turn his attention to beating the most powerful, entrenched political machine America has seen in nearly a half-century. (That corrupt machine had just pulled off its most devious and dishonest scam ever — rigging a presidential primary to snatch the party’s preferred Socialist candidate away from Democrat voters.)

In the end, President Trump won the presidency fair and square, earning the votes of more than 60 million Americans and — crucially — winning the 30 states he needed to take the White House.



Anonymous said...

Every politician should be investigated! If they are clean noting to worry about.
We need good honest people leading the country.

Anonymous said...

Election Integrity needs to be implemented before the November election because the Democrats are doing everything they can to rig the vote by fighting cleaning up the roles, attacking voter id proposals, granting felons the right to vote, granting illegals the right to vote, and supporting same day registration. All of these policies are being done to undermine the US voting system in order to ensure globalist/leftist/Democrats are in power.

Anonymous said...

Like Hillary right?

Anonymous said...

And most Dems are not good honest people.

Anonymous said...

I use to keep track of all things political until this vial odor started leaking from the White house and I have walked away from all things since Trump started playing musical chairs and I started to learn how the last election was run. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should rewind and replay all the garbage you guys complained about and called for investigations for durimg the last admin. Cry me a river

Anonymous said...

The limitless investigations of Trump are what convinces real Americans that Mr Trump is working for us. It will keep us quiet and satisfied that someone is finally looking out for our interests.