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Friday, March 23, 2018

Rep. Harris Votes Against Fiscally Irresponsible Spending Bill

WASHINGTON, DC: On March 22, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 1625, the Consolidated Appropriations Act. Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) issued the following statement after voting against this legislation:

“The Omnibus bill was 2,232 pages long, and we had fewer than 14 hours to read it before voting on it. This $1.3 trillion spending bill will balloon our deficit and will continue to fund unlawful sanctuary cities. This bill also fails to provide adequate funding for border security and fails to address the need for temporary workers in industries critical to the economy of Maryland’s First District, so I voted against this bill.”


Anonymous said...

But not one word on the attacks on the Constitution with infringing 2A anti-gun legislation that was snuck in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Andy!

Anonymous said...

VETO THIS CRAP MR TRUMP. Thanks ANDY sorry I missed the town hall
-No planned parenthood funding
-Build the wall - Enforce border secuity
-Cut or tigthen up welfare
-Stop funding illegals with our tax dollars
- fully fund our armed services
- cut! Dont increase spending, and reduce debt
- fight globalism
- prosecute guilty traitors (we are not dumb! clintons and pals are rico convictions, conspricy and treason to boot)
- rebuplicans need to turn amensty to their favor not democrats. Turn them repbulican with JOBS!!!!
Sure i missed a few

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Andy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir.