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Friday, March 23, 2018

Rand Paul Admits "Absolutely, The Deep State Exists"

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Tuesday during an appearance on The Laura Ingraham Show podcast that the term “deep state” accurately describes how an unelected bureaucracy of national security officials in positions of power exert influence without Congressional oversight.

“Absolutely, there is a deep state, because the deep state is the intelligence agencies that do not have oversight,” he said.

“Only eight people in Congress know what they’re doing, and traditionally, those eight people have been a rubber stamp to let the intelligence communities do whatever they want. There is no skeptic among the eight people that are supposedly overseeing the intelligence community.”



Anonymous said...

If people haven't figured out we have a 'deep state and shadow government', their head in in the sand and they don't want to learn.

Anonymous said...

The intelligence agencies work for the International Banking Families.

The people who have the power to print the money (from thin air) are the people with the power.
They exert that power through their intelligence networks (global).

They are the Masters of the Universe.
Goyim are their slaves.

Anonymous said...

I just wish all these tweeting a**h****s would shut the hell up. The American people are sick of the bulls*** being tossed around. Dry up and blow away you schmucks!