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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Found Property Somerset County- Attempt to identify owner(s)

BURGLARY / FOUND PROPERTY: On Tuesday, November 28, 2017, Troopers from the Maryland State Police – Princess Anne Barrack were dispatched to a residence in Princess Anne, Somerset County, Maryland 21853 for the report of found property. The following firearms and ammunition were recovered:

Remington bolt action rifle, Model: 03-A3
Remington shotgun, Model 1100lt-20
Remington shotgun, Model: 11
Mossberg rifle, Model: S-130
Mossberg rifle, Model: 620K
Savage rifle, Model: 220B
Noble rifle, Model: 20A
Topper rifle, Model: 58
Marlin rifle, 30/30
Ruger rifle, Model: 10122
Webley handgun, Model: Mark 1
U.S. Revolver handgun, Model: Unknown
Buck Knife
Remington Hi Speed ammunition
Federal ammunition, 12 gauge
Winchester ammunition, 20 gauge
Remington ammunition, 357 magnum
Remington ammunition, 30/30
Western ammunition, 32 Long Colt
Federal ammunition, 12 gauge
Federal ammunition, 357 magnum
Federal ammunition, 410 gauge
Federal ammunition, 12 gauge
Winchester ammunition, 12 gauge
Federal ammunition, 30/30
Baggie containing miscellaneous live and spent ammunitionIf anyone has any information identifying the owners of any of the above listed firearms/ammunition, they are asked to contact TFC D. Tilghman, Criminal Enforcement Division – Lower Shore Region, at 443-260-3734.



Anonymous said...

If no one claims them, can I have them?

Anonymous said...

Tell me when the auction is.

Anonymous said...

The Original Colts, and other priceless guns were "lost" on their way to the property room.