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Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Armstrong Co. Man Bags Monster 600-Pound Bear

RAYBURN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A hunter from our area bagged one of the biggest bears taken during this year’s season in Pennsylvania. It was 600 pounds and seven-feet tall.

“I would have taken a small one for my first one, but I can’t complain about a 600-pounder,” said 25-year-old Bo Bowser, of Rayburn Township in Armstrong County.

He grew up in a hunting family and last week after 13 years of trying, he bagged his first bear in Valley Township.

“He was down by a creek, so it was nice and loud,” said Bowser. “I was able to sneak up on him.”

When the bear turned around and looked at him, Bowser’s reaction was: “Whoa!”



Anonymous said...

that must be one serious bag ...

Anonymous said...

Poor old bear wasn't bothering anyone. SAD.