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Friday, October 06, 2017

Two Inmates On Work Release Escaped Work Details Today

Two inmates on work release ran off from their post details today. One was captured within a couple hours and the other is still on the loose. If you happen to see someone with their pants almost dragging on the ground and hiding in bushes be sure to call the police. Oh, never mind, ignore that. Good Lord, half of Salisbury would be under suspicion. 


Anonymous said...

is this a racist joke or do I have to concern myself?

Anonymous said...

Stop being the fool, as this is a serious situation.

Steve said...

Funny how 47 spins it that only one escaped and was captured.

No mention of the one that got away.

Thank Joe for bringing us REAL news.

Anonymous said...

Racist joke or just a joke. If was a joke about a female would it be a bigot joke? The list goes on and on. Pretty sure a joke is a joke.

Anonymous said...

7:21, He said nothing about race. Your the one insinuating color. Now who is racist?