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Friday, October 06, 2017

Feminist Gloria Steinem: ‘Gender Was Invented in Order to Control Reproduction’

In a speech Sunday at the March for Racial Justice rally on the National Mall, feminist Gloria Steinem said “gender was invented” to control women and reproduction and that “race was invented … to justify colonialism and slavery.”

“So all the women in the world are in some degree of trouble, because it’s all about controlling reproduction. It’s the why of it. Did you ever wonder why? Yeah I mean, the first step in every hierarchy is patriarchy in order to control reproduction,” Steinem said.

“So, and racism, caste in India, class. It all makes it much worse, because to maintain those divisions, you have to control women even more. So these things have always been intertwined. It is just not possible to disentangle these deep caste systems. It is absolutely impossible. They can only be uprooted together,” she said.



Jim said...

So, I guess she's saying that God thought all this race and gender stuff up just to torment women and minorities?

I think she may be drifting a bit in her old age.

Anonymous said...

????? Doesn't make sense???? Sounds like somebody hyped on drugs.

Anonymous said...

Gloria Steinem was invented to benefit Gloria Steinem.

Anonymous said...

ehhhh??? Then why are there clearly identifiable gender roles in third world, tribal settings where there is little understanding of reproduction/birth control. I think the feminist movement to achieve equality is no longer necessary and Ms. Steinem is just trying to stay relevant. Maybe she should work to help women in middle eastern countries achieve what we women here in the United States take for granted.

Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me how so many of the so called leaders in the world are in fact complete loonies.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if she stands with Harvey Weinstein?