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Friday, October 06, 2017

Fat Daddy’s, workers reach $260K settlement

About $50K will go toward lawyer fees, remainder split between 25 employees

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Bennett approved a joint motion for settlement in the class action of 25 former Fat Daddy’s employees and the employer late last month, bringing the case to a close by awarding more than $214,000 to the plaintiffs.

The average settlement amount was about $8,600 per employee, with the lowest award at $100 and the greatest in excess of $34,000. Lawyer’s fees were set at $50,000, according to the agreement.

Two former employee’s claims were dismissed after analysis showed they had not incurred any damages.

Part of the settlement stipulates there is no finding of fault within the agreement.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the lawyers won....

Anonymous said...

Smart lawyers always win.....bottom dweller lawyers advertise they will work for crumbs just to get the cases other lawyers turn away.

Anonymous said...

After paying the settlement, will Fat Daddy's be liable for the workers' tax, FICA, & SS payments, or will that be up to the workers to pay?