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Friday, October 06, 2017

Scalise On A Mission! Vegas And My Experience Have ‘Fortified’ My Position On 2nd Amendment

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) is back from recuperating from being shot by a leftist who tried to take out Republican Freedom Caucus members at a GOP baseball practice over the summer. It’s taken months for him to return… he nearly lost his life. Now, he’s saying his brush with death and the mass shooting in Las Vegas has strengthened his views against gun control. That-a-boy. The cold hard truth is two armed officers protected those GOP members from being slaughtered that day. As for Vegas, the Second Amendment really had nothing to do with it. The shooter had 23 guns in the room with him and explosives in his car and at his homes. One way or another, he would have given the Grim Reaper a run for his money.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum interviewed Scalise and he stated his views on gun control very succinctly. When asked if his experience and the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night have changed his views about the Constitution’s Second Amendment, he said, “I think it’s fortified it.” He’s not alone. Scalise’s comments echo those of other congressional Republicans and the White House. He also stated that lawmakers should focus on supporting victims and law enforcement before advocating for a legislative response.


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Anonymous said...

Good for him. It bolsters mine, too. We all have the right to protect ourselves, and the 2A recognizes that and protects it.