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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Which Fireworks Are Legal In My State?

This holiday weekend is a long one, giving people everywhere ample opportunity to stock up on all manner of fireworks from not-at-all sketchy roadside vendors conveniently situated near the state border. But are you actually allowed to set off those Big Bang Boomers and Star Spangled ‘Splosions, or are you limited to staring into the glinting abyss of a sparkler, hoping to recapture the simple joys of youth?

As usual, that largely depends on where you live.

There are two rules — conveniently both on the same page of the Code of Federal Regulations — that govern fireworks on a nationwide level.

The first rule — Title 16, Part 1500.17(a)(3) for those keeping track — prohibits: “Fireworks devices intended to produce audible effects (including but not limited to cherry bombs, M-80 salutes, silver salutes, and other large firecrackers, aerial bombs, and other fireworks designed to produce audible effects, and including kits and components intended to produce such fireworks) if the audible effect is produced by a charge of more than 2 grains of pyrotechnic composition.”



Anonymous said...

Real easy to figure out if you live in the Republic of Maryland, anything that is fun, is against the law!

Anonymous said...

Liberals feel your not smart enough to have fireworks.

Anonymous said...

If it goes off and you say, "that was lame" then it's legal.

Anonymous said...

2:05 99% of you aren't.