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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Republican Gridlock Over Repealing ObamaCare

Republicans hold majorities in both houses of Congress and a Republican sits in the White House. Yet there is still delay and gridlock in the attempt to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Part of the problem is that, once again, Republicans are far too easily manipulated by Democrats’ class warfare mantra of “benefit cuts for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich.” Democrats and their Leftmedia colluders continuously conflate welfare with rights, and Republicans are seemingly unable to expose the inherent fallacy of that argument. Even more frustrating is that Democrats aren’t doing anything new, and still Republicans can’t seem to get past it.

Liberty, the foundational principle upon which this nation was founded, recognizes innate, God-given human rights. Rights as opposed to welfare. Liberty both offers and requires the individual to make choices — the consequences of which, whether good or bad, the individual is responsible for. Welfare seeks to protect individuals from the consequences of their poor and foolish choices. Essentially, welfare demands that the responsible pay for the irresponsible, which robs both individuals of their right of Liberty.

Democrats created the concept of welfare equaling “rights” by conditioning people to believe that they are helpless to help themselves and therefore the government must provide welfare programs as a means of protecting human “rights.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Anonymous said...

The Washington establishment won't let that tax go.

Charles Bradford said...

Time for a third-party​

Anonymous said...

Most people simply do not realize that the Congress does not make these decisions.
The decisions are made by the corporations (insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, so on).
The ACA was created because it is what the corporations wanted.
They will not give it up.

Mr. Trump will be protected (his image is important for stability and hope in America) so that there will not be revolution.
Mr. Trump will be seen as "trying his best" to fix the healthcare problem (taxation of the citizens).
Therefore, it will be Congress who is blamed for the failure to end the ACA.

That way we will all continue to cheer for our savior, Mr. Trump.
Go Trump!

Anonymous said...

FDA, AMA, Pharmaceutical companies and the Insurance companies along with the Republicans having very weak Congressional leadership will give Congress back to the "BULLY" DemocRATS in the next two elections. The only way for Republicans to keep control is grow a "large set of balls" which I do not see happening. This article spells out clearly who is benefiting from Obamacare and it is not the people.