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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

American Media Will Continue to Lose Credibility if They Continue to be Lap Dogs to Liberalism

The vast majority of journalists are Liberals. They donate to Democrats and Liberals causes. They report in a bias fashion that favors Democrats and demonizes Republicans.

The day the media takes a middle road, give both Republicans and Democrats equal Hell in reporting without favor to either party, that will be the time their credibility with the public will be fully restored.

Will they do it? I doubt it very much and as such the public will continue to hold them in very low regard, and not take ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN seriously at all.



Anonymous said...

They may report in a way that favors Dems and Libs, but it increasingly makes them look ridiculously repetitive and stupid, glossing over real news and latching onto the latest faux outrage.

Anonymous said...

They report on emotions and feelings not the facts.

Anonymous said...

Its way to late to fix. They have lost credibility and I don't see them getting it back.

Anonymous said...

The media is just an arm of the dumbocrats.

The media reports make no logical sense and neither do the dumbocrat policies

Anonymous said...

Please differentiate between libs and dems. Libs = insane. Many dems are quite conservative in their social beliefs but are voting Republican simply because they don't believe in celebrating perverts and cop killers. I'm generally middle of the road (generally pro-Dem of old) but can't stand BLM or being forced to deal with the next pervert crusade. Is that protecting the rights of pedophiles next, libs?

Anonymous said...

MSM is an arm of intelligence.
Learn the truth.
It is important.