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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Study: More Men Hired in Gender-Blind Job Application Process

An initiative by the leaders of Australian Public Service to promote gender equality through blind recruitment efforts has failed, according to reports.

The trial, which was an effort to push more women in senior position jobs, revealed that removing the gender from a candidate’s application does not help boost gender equality in hiring. The trial also revealed that adding a male name to a candidate’s application made them 3.2 percent less likely to get the job while adding a female name made it 2.9 percent more likely that the candidate would be hired.

Researchers assumed that removing gender identifiers from an application would make it easier for women to obtain employment in senior positions that have traditionally been dominated by men.



Anonymous said...

It's the resume, interview, experience, and ability part that aces the interview.

For some people, as soon as they talk, they're done - expeshully when they axe me a question! For others, you can tell that their experience doesn't match their resume, while others gove it away with attitude and body language!

I have also seen resumes that don't pass the written-smell test!

Anonymous said...

They paid consultants hefty fees to create those gender neutral questionnaires. It just goes to show...