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Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Salford student union president calls for Islamic takeover

A Muslim student union leader has claimed she would like to 'oppress white people' and has suggested there would be an Islamic takeover if more people read the Koran.

Zamzam Ibrahim, who was elected President of Salford University's Student Union in March, also suggested friendship between men and women is un-Islamic and is opposed to the government's anti-radicalisation strategy.

The Swedish-Somali student officer also described the government's Prevent strategy as 'disastrous' and 'racist'.



Anonymous said...

That slime should be under the highest FBI and CIA scrutiny for essentially plotting the overthrow of our government and way of life.

The next terrorist incident on our soil at the level of 9-11 will see open season on people like this!

Anonymous said...

Hang her.

Anonymous said...

She is simply following the instructions in the Koran. A religion that wants to blow you to pieces.

Anonymous said...

google Salford University and learn why FBI and CIA have no control

Anonymous said...

Rather than read the koran, watch the Twin Towers collapse during 9/11 and forcing people to jump to their deaths rather then burning to death. Almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered. All 19 terrorists were muslims.

Anonymous said...

lets see what islamic will do to her. Then watch her cry for help. (map)

Anonymous said...

this is why all muslims should be deported.