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Monday, July 03, 2017

The 2nd Amendment Comes To Europe: Czech Republic To Enshrine Right To Bear Arms Into Constitution

Most people inside and outside of the US believe that this country’s gun ownership rate is unique, but that’s not exactly true. Though America has the most privately owned guns per capita, there are other countries that aren’t too far behind us, such as Serbia, Yemen, Cyprus, and many Western nations like Finland and Switzerland. In most cases, these countries don’t have access to the same kind of firearms that we do, but nonetheless there are a ton of guns floating around in these places.

What really separates the US from every other country in the world, is that we have the right to bear arms preserved in our constitution. Technically, Honduras and Mexico have the same right in their constitutions, but in both cases it comes with a lot of restrictions. Their right to bear arms doesn’t have any teeth. The Swiss are known for letting many of their citizens own guns, but gun ownership for most Swiss citizens is more of a duty than a right.

America stands alone in this regard. We’re the only country with a constitution that gives civilians a clear and explicit right to own and carry firearms. In every other nation, civilians don’t own firearms unless their governments let them.

That however, is about to change. While most EU governments are eyeing more restrictive gun laws, the Czech Republic is about to addthe right to bear arms to its constitution.



Anonymous said...

Switzerland. Citizens are required to be armed.

Anonymous said...

1:13 We are not required to be armed, we are required to serve in the military if we are able bodied. Switzerland also has a very different attitude than here in the US, it is more about the collective than the individual. We do have some strict gun laws. Multiple background checks for non hunting weapons. However we do not need to register hunting rifles. You are able to purchase your weapon after serving in the militia, but it must be converted from full auto. I hope this helped to clear things up for anyone else who was curious.

Anonymous said...

Swiss are required to serve in the military but not required to own a firearm. Most do though

Anonymous said...

That is false.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Awesome! Finally, there are some Czechs in Europe who have common sense!

Anonymous said...

Just guessing here, Czek is a different country? Maybe not Switzerland? Are you people dast?