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Monday, July 03, 2017

Police Seek Citizen Reports With Byrd Park Concerns

SNOW HILL – Following concerns regarding crime at Byrd Park, Snow Hill’s police chief encourages residents to report suspicious activity.

While some residents have expressed frustration regarding litter and suspected drug activity at the Snow Hill park, Police Chief Tom Davis says the best way to prevent it is to report it.

“Call us at the time it occurs,” he said. “Not afterwards.”

Byrd Park, located just off West Market Street along the Pocomoke River, is a picturesque public space that plays host to several community events throughout the year. After dark, though, some residents say it is a hotspot for drug related activities.



Anonymous said...

Police, how about getting there as it occurs.

lmclain said...

"Call us anytime it occurs...." Oh yes sir, we will.
And they'll be there in about 20 minutes....

To file a "report".
And if the perp sees you calling and and empties his 9mm on you, well,'s still going to be 20 minutes. And a lot more paperwork.
How about chilling out on the revenue producing traffic patrols (no?? because they produce revenue??..) and start some "saturation patrols" (call it "Operation Catch Criminals") where CRIME IS BEING REPORTED. Where you KNOW crime is happening.
Instead, Chief, you set up "checkpoints", Nazi style checkpoints, where you stop ALL CITIZENS -- 99.99% innocent, to see IF, maybe, in some away (ANY way, really) you can FIND a crime. And use a dozen or more police (there goes your "we don't have enough manpower BS". To catch, what, maybe one or two bad guys??
I know where you can find some crime and dozens of citizens have told you where, too.
All you do is ask US (??) to "call you"??
Like you need to be notified (of the obvious)?
Keep cheering, boys.