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Monday, July 03, 2017

Update On Rex. (The Dog that was missing in for 11 days)



Update 7/3: Rex is back home and recovering after missing for 11 days! His injuries included a torn ligament, a deep cut under front right leg, and many bug bites and rashes on his belly/abdomen/legs and feet, and he lost 17lbs, half of his body weight.

His injuries are healing nicely, his ligament will heal naturally and doesn't seem to bother him much. His cut hurts when I clean it, but he's still a trooper. He's sleeping a lotttt, and is getting super spoiled with extra cuddles, being allowed on my bed (see in the picture, he usually is not allowed!), and he has visitors bringing him yummy treats and his favorite, squeaky toys! He is gaining his weight back and although the first couple days he was a little down in the dumps, each day I see just a bit more pep in his step.

Thanks everyone again so much for caring for this little guy! He is so loved!


Anonymous said...

Kisses for Rex 😘
From Jasper, Chickadee and Bourbon🐶

Anonymous said...

Where was he found?

Anonymous said...

So glad he is back home!

Anonymous said...

Love & Hugs to Rex I am glad he has a good forever kind of home. It is so nice to see a good outcome, you are rare to share. Gods love to you all.

cracktherack said...

This had been an emotional story. I was raised up with Boston's and they the nicest dogs ever. Also all dogs should be allowed to get on the bed on the couch in the pool and clean your dinner plate

Anonymous said...


So so happy he is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy but I would not have seen these pictures and put them with the dog missing pictures. Glad he's home safe with a family that loves him.

Anonymous said...

Just as to help any in this situation Please Look into the Whistle Pet Tracker. It cost $8.99 a month and its a small GPS that fits on your pets collar. If they leave the area of your yard you will get a email and text message and can track them to their exact location to bring them home.

The device is about $100 and then 8.99 a month and does not need any special installation. I have been using it for 4 years now and love it. It also give me a daily report on my dogs level of activity and reminds me if she isn't getting enough exercise.

You only have to charge it about every 3 weeks and its water proof. Your pet can even swim with it on. You will never have to feel that hopeless feeling of not knowing where you pet is if you have this device.

I am so glad you found Rex and I hope he continues to be spoiled as he bounces back from his adventure. :)

Anonymous said...

I have the Whistle Pet Tracker as well..Peace of mind..