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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Woman, 98, has died after nurse purposely 'broke' her leg

A nursing assistant intentionally broke his 98-year-old patient's leg before she died while undergoing surgery to fix it, police say.

Hakim Ogunkunle, 43, is facing aggravated battery charges for allegedly injuring his patient, Edna Warren, while she was under his care on Tuesday, at the Newnan Health and Rehabilitation in Georgia.

Warren was rushed to the Piedmont Newnan Hospital to have emergency surgery, but died during the procedure.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation believes Ogunkunle caused Warren's injuries because of a mismatch between the details of his testimony and the severity of her injuries.



Anonymous said...

A nursing assistant is not a nurse. The title and the article do not match.

Anonymous said...

These are the people that are taking such "great" care of your relatives in a nursing home. If you only knew, you would never put a relative in a nursing home.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we don't always have the option not too. Js