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Saturday, May 27, 2017

SHOCKING Footage Released By Police- Florida Teacher Kissing 10-Year Old Student [VIDEO]

Boca Raton police in Florida have just released surveillance footage showing a local teacher embracing and kissing one of his students on the lips.

One of his fourth grade students. One of his male, ten-year-old fourth grade students. While this footage only shows one victim, current reports suggest that he abused students of both genders.

As reported by Fox News,

Last week, fourth grade teacher Brian Kornbluth pleaded guilty to a battery charge after being accused of kissing students in his classroom.

According to police, the boy in the video and his sister told officers they went to Kornbluth’s classroom to get gummy bears, and the teacher kissed both of them on the lips.



Anonymous said...

Please don't sensationalized this type of issue. This pervert doesn't deserve the attention and the child and family don't deserve the unwanted attention. There are more decent ways to get ratings.

Anonymous said...

Put the pedophile in jail. He doesn't deserve to be a teacher around children all of the time.