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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Obama attempts government in exile

The government in exile — the real one, according to the media — has had a busy week at home and abroad. “President Obama” has given up leading from behind and presumes now to lead from overseas. His secretary of state has a new mission, as missionary to the safe places where snowflakes fall.

Mr. Obama joined German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin to lecture America and the West to quit being so beastly to the strivers of the Third World, and open wider the borders of the West. “We can’t isolate ourselves,” the former president said from a platform at the Brandenburg Gate. “We can’t hide behind a wall.”

This is the message that resonates with Mrs. Merkel and many of the Europeans, even it strikes a sour note at home and even in Britain, coming just days after the spawn of a Libyan immigrant murdered nearly two dozen Britons, including several children, and then blew himself up at a concert arena in Manchester.



I Threw Up My Lemonade When I Saw This On My TV! said...

Obama is going to keep poking at the government to the point where he's going to end up being indicted for his various crimes while president. If he were a smart man, he'd stand down and no be heard from again. But as always Obama proves he's the village idiot. It's always the cocky ones who end up going to prison at some point. Hopefully, his journey to jail will be sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad he is no longer president!
I will be so much happier when he stops trying to undermine our way of life! If McCain and Romney had acted this way after losing, they would have been jailed for treason!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is why he moved in the White House neighborhood he can't let go that he not still president, him and Hillary are birds of a feather still wanting more and more attention. Why can't they be like Jimmy Carter and do some good, contribute not constantly try to divide the country. He is the worst we have ever had, his legacy doesn't do much for his race, or his children I bet they want to run and hide.

Anonymous said...

Self proclaimed leader of the "shadow government". Obama - leader / Hillary - assistant to the leader / George Soros - Treasurer.