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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Planned Parenthood Enlists 'Faith Leaders' to Condemn Religious Liberty

The abortion provider also suggests clergy perform public blessings of abortion clinics.

Soon after President Trump issued his executive order on "Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty," which includes potential "conscience protections" for those with religious objections to certain health insurance mandates, Planned Parenthood issued a press release noting that some "faith leaders" condemned the executive orders. Faith leaders who belong to Planned Parenthood's own "Clergy Advisory Board (CAB)."

These leaders fear that Trump's order will lead to "employers, schools, and other entities [refusing] to cover women's preventive health services, including birth control, in their insurance plans on the basis of religious or moral objection. The irony of citing religious freedom as a reason to prevent employers from choosing the type of insurance coverage they want to offer to employees is lost on the Clergy Advisory Board:


Anonymous said...

They must be the Churches of Satan. My God would NEVER BLESS THESE HOUSE OF DEATH.!!

The lost and progressive ilk, prefer a Church that everybody is okay and accepted. No need for all that 'Christ died on the cross and took your place in hell ---so you could believe in Him, and have your sins forgiven. Why then don't we just start serving beer and offer up hookers between services, and while we're at it throw in some ash trays too? I know, you think what I'm saying is fantasy, and who could blame you? But here's the kicker ----you WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for knowing the truth, and what you did with it. So again, please laugh it up, but don't laugh too hard ---salvation is a limited time offer and the clock is running. We as a nation are running out of time. Most religions now are going along with the "NEW AGE" and It is all part of the HIDDEN dangers of the rainbow and its agenda to destroy us all

Anonymous said...

This looks like a bunch of clergymen that are headed straight for hell. They should feel right at home there with Satan and all his demons. God would never endorse the murdering of babies and to bless such non-sense would be like the money changers in the temple. Jesus was so angry he turned over the tables and admonished them.

Anonymous said...

How is birth control even a women's health issue? Is a pregnant woman considered to be unhealthy by definition?

Anonymous said...

Oh my. No true Scotsman huh?

I think it's brilliant.

Good for them.

Religious liberty does not mean you get to foist your religion or religious view on others. It means YOU get to practice how YOU see fit. It does NOT mean you get to tell others how to act based on your religion.

It's really just that simple.