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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Archbishop Ends Association with Girl Scouts: Sign of ‘Increasingly Hostile Secular Culture’

The Catholic archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas, is ending his archdiocese’s association with the Girl Scouts, citing the organization’s increased secularization and the promotion of values that are inconsistent with the Gospel.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann recently announced that the parishes in his archdiocese would no longer host the Girl Scouts, but would, instead begin chartering the American Heritage Girls (AHG), an organization that promotes Christian values as it also introduces girls to skill-building in all areas of life.

In an interview with Crux, Naumann observed that his decision to break ties with the Girl Scouts is a sign of a cultural trend.

“We face an increasingly hostile secular culture, which really is promoting things very different from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and our vision of the human person, the dignity of the human person,” he explained. “We’re going to have to be much more vigilant as Christians and as Catholics about with whom we partner and who we invite in, particularly with regard to the formation of our young people.”

In a statement earlier this month, the archbishop noted that he has studied the concern about the Girl Scouts for a number of years, engaging in discussions with parents, scouts, pastors, and Girl Scouts representatives. He states the “disturbing content in materials and resources” created and distributed by the national Girl Scouts organization, and discovered by his youth ministry staff, was a primary factor in his final decision.



Anonymous said...

I for one will never buy cookies from the GS again due to the same reasoning. Well before the churches awoke. They are teaching satanic ideals. Same as the BS.

Anonymous said...

Same here 7:02.....and I was a boy scout myself. I haven't bought GS cookies in years. And when they are soliciting in front of the grocery store I'll tell the mothers why I boycott them.

Anonymous said...

Hostile? Hostile secular culture? How?

Secular just means sans religious preference. It doesn't mean anti religion. News flash - America is a secular republic. That is our system of government.

Pretty much what is going on is religious people throwing a hissy fit (snowflake much?) that other groups wont bend to their will and lock step with their brand of religiosity.

They have the audacity to say "To follow Jesus and his Gospel will often require us to be counter-cultural"... what?! 75% of this nation identifies as Christian... how does this even make any sense!?!

Religious people need to get over themselves and their persecution complex. You seem to confuse religious persecution with not being able to force your religion on the masses.