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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fishery managers weighing cuts in Bay crab harvest

Chesapeake Bay crabbers will likely face some harvest restriction this season to protect future generations of the iconic crustacean, a move managers say is necessary because of the low population of juveniles.

Fishery managers for Maryland, Virginia and the Potomac River Fisheries Commission all say they are considering shortening the season and imposing stricter limits on the harvest of female crabs. They are not proposing changes in male crab catches.

News of harvest cuts surprised some crabbers at Maryland’s Blue Crab Industry Advisory Committee last week. The latest winter dredge survey results released in April showed the highest number of female crabs in the 28-year history of the annual count. Female crabs clocked in at 254 million, a 31 percent increase over last year.



Anonymous said...

This is why no one trusts government. The facts , even their facts are meaningless when it comes to politics. This is why we elected Pres Trump. We are tired of the BS!These so called managers are just leaches on the tax payer that obviously by their contradiction are useless.

Anonymous said...

In the fall when the crabs are moving down the bay the pot guys are allowed 80 bushel of females a day. How could that possibly hurt the population?

Anonymous said...

shouldnt be harvesting female crabs anyway

Anonymous said...

For CRYING OUT LOUD...can everyone somehow "git" on the same sheeeet of music when reporting whether or NOT crabs are plentiful.

2 weeks ago, church bells rang that this years harvest will be the better of the best of the best of the best...EVER!

Then discussion about oh maybe scientists dug wrong...or at the wrong time...or when the moon wasn't out..or the tide had washed in..or rolled away again - sitting on the dock of a...OOOPS, sorry got carried away.

Point being - SOMEONE make up their mind (if allowed) and truly report the facts. Either that or just keep herding us cows in early May telling us CRABS are plentiful - just in time for Memorial Day. Then another accolade prior to July 4th...then again for Labor Day.

Lather Rinse Repeat!

Bitter? Damn right I am!

Anonymous said...

The numbers are down for crabs now. They will go up after Memorial day for 3-4 weeks then nose dive around June 29th.