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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Huckleberry the roof-jumping golden retriever goes viral

Some dogs stare out the window, others keep watch in their backyard, but this golden retriever isn't like most dogs — he prefers the roof.

The 5-year-old dog named Huckleberry can be spotted several times a day casually sitting on his family's rooftop. You can't miss him.

"He likes to sit up there and watch the cars and passersby," the dog's owner, Allie Lindenmuth, told CBS News. "He loves to bark and say hello!"

When Lindenmuth and her husband, Justin, moved into their house in Austin, Texas, about four and a half years ago, they noticed there was only about a 3-foot clearance between a hill in their backyard and the roof. They wondered if their intelligent puppy would ever figure it out.

It only took him six months.


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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine use to breed labs, they had 6 or 7 full grown that had total run of the house. I pulled up one day and several were on the second story roof barking at me lol. They chewed through the spindles on a balcony railing and walked right on up the roof. They seemed to enjoy it so he never fixed it.