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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Breaking News: The police said the Manchester bomber may have had help from a terrorist "network." He had recently traveled to Libya and Syria.

He recently dropped out of university. He had gone to Syria, a stronghold of the Islamic State. He also went to Libya to see his parents, who had moved back there after two decades in Britain.

A portrait of Salman Abedi, the 22-year-old who carried out Britain’s deadliest terrorist attack since 2005, quickly began to come into focus on Wednesday as investigators raced to track down what the police called his “network,” in the first official confirmation that police believe Mr. Abedi got help.


Anonymous said...

And the English govt allowed him to come back while being on a Fn WATCHLIST.?

Anonymous said...

We've all heard the saying-Colonel Muammar Qaddafi used to like to say something along the lines of an idol mind is the devil's workshop.

Housing, electric, education, health care and many other things were free in Libya then. BUT people had to work for it. They had to build buildings, roads, water supplies because again, idol minds are the devil's workshop.
Some didn't like that while Colonel Qaddafi and his entourage lived extravagantly they had to work for what they received. This thinking led them to extremism i.e. terrorism. When even just suspected of being a terrorist the regime took swift and quick action.

All races and religions were previously welcomed in Libya. All got along well because if they didn't again the regime took swift and quick action. Women dressed and went about same as in the US.

Now thanks to Obama and Clinton and the democrat party who were forewarned by Colonel Qaddafi himself terrorism would spread if he were ousted from power and it sure did. Libya once a great country has been reduced to a terrorist stronghold.

Those who supported and cheered and still support the democrat party the now failed Arab Spring are no better then the terrorists and both bin Laden and Hitler are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

This is why the travel ban is necessary. To screen these people thoroughly, extreme vetting.
But some will always be against it because they never evolved into civilized human beings so life isn't something they value.

Anonymous said...

Jihad Family! They've arrested the father and the brother and another one.

Anonymous said...

The parents fled Libya 20 yrs ago to "escape" the Quadaffi regime. That in and of itself is very telling as to their true natures. They certainly were Jihadists when they fled. Quadaffi had zero tolerance for extremism and would either hang (publicly) or jail anyone suspected of being an extremist or even an extremist sympathizer.

Anonymous said...

Thank Obama for weakening Europe and America.

Anonymous said...

Quadaffi. Had to go because he stood in the way of the globlist agenda to spread the evils of islam globally. You see satan does not care and uses allot of useful idiots so willing to follow him.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the country that produced Scotland Yard?
1. Family from Libya
2. Known to have gone to Syria for training and returned. Twice.
3. Had ISIS ties, along with other revolutionary groups
4. Was "on the radar"
5. Calls were made to alert the authorities of his actions
No...I don't see any reason to keep him under surveillance either.