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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why Dogs Bite Kids

Study Shows Common Links

As medical reports of dogs biting children continued to increase, researchers started to ask, “Why?” Henceforth, a veterinary behavior clinic in Philadelphia embarked on a study to help us understand what makes a dog’s mind tick…or at least what ticks it off when it comes to kids.

As reported in the medical journal Injury Prevention, researchers at the veterinary behavioral clinic examined 111 cases of dog bites by 103 dogs (representing 41 different dog breeds) that took place over a four-year period.

Several notable patterns came to their attention: the dogs displayed territorial behavior, anxiety, or were coping with medical issues at the time the biting occurred.



Anonymous said...

They really needed a study for this???? Common sense could have told you why....smh

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the way kids are these days? Most are uncontrolled by parents in public and run around like nuts. It used to be taught to approach dogs calmly and ask to pet them. Now the little brats run up and just start touching the animal. I would bite them too!

Anonymous said...

It also falls back on the parents and dog owners. Parents need to teach their children how to approach dogs, in other words not run up to them and frighten them, to walk slowly extend their hands in friendliness. And teach them in no way is it acceptable to hit, smack, pull at their legs, pick them up without the owner available. Just common sense.

Anonymous said...

And STOP posting photos of babies and kids laying on or riding them, or kids up in their face or dressing them up or putting cosmetics and clothing on them. It's NOT CUTE! It's dangerous and irresponsible! Your child should be worth more to you than the photo op!