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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why We March for Life: ‘To

Tens of thousands of young people are marching for life in Washington, D.C.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, some students from The Catholic University of America (CUA) in the nation’s capital say they are marching to show millennials care about women in crisis pregnancies and their babies.

CUA student Christiana Gellert says it’s important Americans know millennials care about something more than what’s superficial.

“I’m here to show that millennials care about something more than just changing our profile pictures or putting up an angry status on Facebook, to show we’re willing to brave the cold weather and the blizzard for what’s important,” she explains.

Fellow student Isaac Kimmel asserts, “March for Life gives us an opportunity to win this for the cause of life.”

“It’s pretty hard to ignore 300,000 people walking down the streets of DC and across the national mall,” he continues. “This is a cause that’s very frequently ignored by the national media, and it’s a difficult cause because it’s often very contentious. It’s important to keep it in the national consciousness.”

Kimmel says Americans need to be reminded that abortion has been legal in this country for over four decades.

“Abortion has cost our country tens of millions of lives,” he says.


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Anonymous said...

"some students from The Catholic University of America" Until they find themselves pregnant and then they will be first in line to terminate.

Anonymous said...

Should they 'find themselves pregnant', they're at least aware it's a human life. Guessing abortion would be the last thing they'd choose for their babies.

Anonymous said...

2:19...just to be clear, it's your belief that if some students from Catholic University find themselves pregnant, their reaction will be to kill the baby.

Is that your first thought?

Anonymous said...

Trump....isn't he pro abortion???

Anonymous said...


Statistically, Catholics and self-identified "highly religious" women, especially those who claim to be "pro-life", make up a disproportionately high percentage of those who end up terminating a pregnancy.

Because "their circumstance" is always the special exception, that makes it ok in their case....but no one else's. Hypocrites.

Two Things Could Be True said...

Catholics don't need abortions because they believe in premarital sex.

Anonymous said...

I am not 2:19, but yes, some Catholic students will indeed decide to put down their "pro-life" signs long enough to skip across the street for an abortion. Some may have their babies and give them up for adoption, some may decide to keep it, even if it means dropping out and going on welfare. Good for them, if that is the right "choice"'for them.

But don't delude yourself, that Catholics aren't going to terminate. Funny how easy it is to make a choice for one's own special self, while claiming others should be denied the same choice.

Anonymous said...