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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ISIS Terrorists Get Special Surprise After 8 Women Lift Up Their Burkas

When ISIS chiefs saw their wives come into their home, covered head-to-toe in the traditional black burkas they forced them to wear, they certainly were not expecting to get a show. As each of the 8 women lifted their burkas to reveal what they had going on underneath, these chiefs were in for the shock of their lives.

Little did they know that fearless special forces troops had donned the full-length Islamic dress to slip undetected through ISIS’ defacto capital Raqqa to take down their terrorist commander.

After the eight men made their way through the town they located the house of a senior terrorist chief and relayed the location and coordinates to a U.S. Air Force mission control aircraft patiently circling thousands of feet above them.

When the eight-man SAS squad entered the house, they lifted up their burkas and opened fire on the stunned militants, who didn’t get even a second to run and hide from the rain of bullets headed their way. Underneath, they also had grenades, machine guns and enough ammo to wipe out the terrorist scumbags.

The U.S. spy plane then sent a message to a Reaper drone and in seconds a Hellfire missile was fired into the building- effectively vaporizing the ISIS commander and several of his henchmen.



Anonymous said...

Such propaganda... much wow.

Anonymous said...

And would have vaporized rhe SAS squad as well.., really ?? Thats really how it went? So these soilders are dead????

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

"Is that a gun under that burka or are you just glad to see me"?

"BOTH".... ka-BOOM!!!

Anonymous said...

US allows this type of dress and don't think this is a perfect scenario for a terrorist attack.