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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bill to hike minimum wage to $10.25 by 2019 headed to Senate floor

A proposal to increase the state’s minimum wage is headed to the Senate floor.

Senate Bill 39 increases Delaware’s minimum wage from $8.25 to $10.25 per hour by 1919 a figure similar to the one proposed by the Obama administration for a national minimum wage.

An amendment to the bill would go a step further.

According to the amendment, the minimum wage would increase by 50 cents a year beginning in 2016 and ending in 2019, and adds additional provisions increasing the minimum wage by $1.20 a year beginning in 2020 and ending in 2023.

Removed was a cost of living adjustment that in the current economy would bring only small gains in the base wage . However, some economists are predicting a higher rate of inflation at some point that would drive up the COLA formula.



Anonymous said...

So are they going to make that pay retroactive to 97 years ago.... nice!

JoeAlbero said...

LOL, It was their title, not ours. I'll correct it.

Anonymous said...

Want to see the death of an economy?

Thornton Crowe said...

2:35PM, No doubt. This is an economy crusher (as if we need any more of those running around.) Plus, the work force that double dips by working for low wages and accepts social service bennies are going to be as angry as the folks in Washington State. Those welfare collecting workers actually asked for their hours to be cut back so they could continue collecting their bennies.

The problem with government stepping in like this is, they create a vacuum. The $10 minimum wage is still not enough to be self-supporting yet, the welfare ends, creating a huge gap. Meaning these people have to take second and third jobs in order to make ends meet. With the minimum wage at status quo, they don't make enough to be kicked off the welfare dole.

So, government, under the guise of trying to help lower income families, ends up doing more harm than good.

This is the government people have carelessly voted in without thought; therefore, all I have to say is Welcome to Earth.

Anonymous said...

Great way to kill jobs for young people and put them on the government dole!!!

Anonymous said...

Holloway Transit is only paying $10.00 an hour and you have to have a CDL. Plus you have all the added expense coming out of your pocket.