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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

UK man must notify police if he plans to have sex

LONDON (AP) — A British man has been ordered by a court to give police 24 hours’ notice if he plans to have sex with a female.

The unusual “interim sexual risk order” will be in effect until a further hearing is held in four months. A longer restriction may be sought at that point.

Sexual risk orders are used in cases where a person has not been convicted of a sex crime but is judged by police as posing a potential threat to the public.

The order was sought by North Yorkshire Police and issued by York Magistrates’ Court. It replaces an earlier order limiting the man’s sexual activity that was about to expire.

He must give police the name, age and address of any female he plans to have sex with at least 24 hours before engaging in such activity.



Anonymous said...

If he is that much of a known risk as a dangerous deviate, or sexual predator, he should be locked up, not left roaming the streets in search of victims. Castration would help keep him in line.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of law we need here for the sex offenders.

Anonymous said...

Except the article clearly states he is NOT a sex offender, 1043 & 1114. If you want this kind of overbearing control over your courting options, I suggest you move to Yorkshire.

I stay here and try to keep what little freedom I have left.

Anonymous said...

So much for the unscheduled passionate moment.

lmclain said...

What about the privacy of the woman?
SHE now has her name in his file.
Ahhhhh....don't worry 'bout no privacy rights, or overreaching government Nazi's.
If it helps keep us safe and if we aren't doing anything wrong, no problem, right?
The weekend event? Burning jewish businesses to the ground.
Keep cheering.