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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


A reality people want to avoid about this election. This is truly an election unlike one we've ever seen in our lifetimes. It is what it is.

Dare to inform yourself! Dare to watch this whole video in it's total and ask yourself, is he lying or does this 'feel' true in your gut?


Anonymous said...

No one will watch this either. Too afraid that it might actually be more accurate than they can handle.

Anonymous said...

He is not lying and I agree with the best piece I've seen yet...featuring Donald J. Trump, our next leader. I will gladly chip in to have air time on the " other stations " to run this ad until the 8th.

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no doubt that this is the truth.

Unknown said...

If his words are true, and I believe they are, the establishment has no chance to stop him or US. But don't be fooled. They will not give up their power willingly or peacefully. This "movement" is the proverbial shot across the bow. This action is very much needed and obviously wanted by a majority of the American people.

In the near future, be prepared to strap in and to arm up. It will not be handed to us in any stretch of the imagination.

Or maybe I'm wrong. In any case, we do need to "throw off" this current form of gov't and install some true patriots who have honest intentions and what's best for us, this country and both of our survival.

I'm getting older so it matters less if I were to die in any struggle to achieve those goals. What is truly concerning to me is my children's and grandchildren's survival and future. As I suspect that is many/most people's concern.

Ideally, none of those things would be necessary but I think most reasonable people have already considered this. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I believe Donald Trump. GOD bless him and protect him. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND KEEP US SAFE AND STRONG.

Steve said...

Very powerful message, and yes, he's not bluffing, folks. I pray every day for his safety, and will welcome him as my next President.