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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Horror as Violent Teen Flash Mobs Randomly Assault Students in Philly

Temple University in Philadelphia is on edge after seething “flash mobs” of violent teens roved the campus Friday night, terrorizing and randomly assaulting students. Four teenagers ages 14-17 have since been arrested and police presence reinforced around the rattled campus.

According to a statement from Temple security, hundreds of juveniles gathered along Broad Street around 8.30pm on Friday and roved the campus for nearly two hours, in what quickly devolved into an uncontrollable night of horrifying violence. Over the course of the evening two police officers were assaulted , six students injured, and one robbed. A police horse was also punched in the face.

The group of roughly 150 students reportedly organized the “flash mobs” on the picture sharing platform Instagram. They had planned to meet at 8pm.



Anonymous said...

I used to live not far from there. Always carried a retractable asp.

Anonymous said...

black on black , I don't give a crap!!!

Anonymous said...

Government organized and funded.

Anonymous said...

These punks will see a flash alright.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the war on cops has died down as we get closer and closer to the election?

All orchestrated!

Anonymous said...

These students need to carry no matter what the local law says. We have a Second Amendment for a reason.

Look out for yourselves, and if I'm ever on a jury, you will walk free.

Anonymous said...

maybe these are the types of people the founders of planned parenthood were trying to avoid having in the world

Anonymous said...

12:13 AM - you hit the nail on the head. Margaret Sanger, Hillary Clinton's selective breeding policy heroine, said so.