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Thursday, September 29, 2016

2003 clip backs up Trump on Iraq War opposition

After all the clamor for moderators to fact-check the candidates during Monday night's presidential debate, Donald Trump flipped the script on Lester Holt by rejecting his assertion Trump backed the war in Iraq - and history backs The Donald.

Holt began one question by stating that Republican nominee Trump “had supported the war in Iraq before the invasion,” a frequent claim from critics that Trump has adamantly disputed during the primary and general election seasons. Holt on Monday, and many in the media before him, pointed to a September 2002 interview Trump gave to Howard Stern in which he said “Yeah, I guess so” in response to a question about whether President Bush should go to war.

When Trump pushed back on Holt, saying “I was against the war in Iraq,” Holt countered: “The record does not show that.”


1 comment:

lmclain said...

When the moderator BEGINS the debate with half assed statistics about how wonderfully great the economy is doing under obama, Trump HAD to know the real intent of Holt. He was in the tank for the her from the very start.
Trump is destroying her and it has a lot to do with her inability to convince thinking Amercians (the non-thinking Amercians, dead voters, and illegal voters can't help themselves from delusion) that she ISN'T a lying, influence peddling, bribe taking, misogynist, stealing, drug smuggling, murderous, pandering, scripted, elusive, incompetent, trashy, telepromter reading whore.
It's look like a very hard sell.
I just saw her on TV in Iowa, urging her crowd of about 50 people to vote early and had volunteers waiting to direct the idiots to voting booths.
Thats because the longer voters have, the more likely that Assange will release (as he has promised) more things that will expose her. And as more time goes by between now and the election, her numbers will continue to slide and deteriorate.