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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ocean City Beach Ball Adds Fun Flair to Downtown Skyscape

Ocean City, Maryland – : Residents and visitors will notice a new view in downtown Ocean City, as the highly anticipated beach ball water tower received its final coat of paint this weekend. The brand new landmark, which has been under construction since June of 2015, will replace two aging water towers and is expected to enhance fire flow, improve water quality and reduce maintenance costs.

The beloved beach ball, which is slated for completion in November, will hold one million gallons of water, allowing the town to remove existing towers on Worcester Street and 15th Street. Located at 1st Street, the project cost approximately $4.9 million dollars and was funded by general obligation bonds. The removal of the aging water towers not only improves the water distribution but will allow for future expansion of the Ocean City Fire Department Headquarters and approximately 30 additional parking spaces on Worcester Street.

With the paint job complete, Ocean City’s public works department will continue to work with Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB&I) subcontractors to finish site work, including fencing, landscaping and the eventual in-service placement of the tank, once sterilization is complete. Ocean City officials are optimistic that the water tower will not only improve the water distribution but will also add a fun and memorable charm to Ocean City’s downtown horizon.


JoeAlbero said...

They can't take a better picture then this?????

Anonymous said...

It wasn't even finished yet on Sunday. It looks like this shot was from aircraft.

JoeAlbero said...

"Beloved Beach Ball" they can't be serious, can they?

Anonymous said...

I can think of no greater pleasure than to see a water tower painted like a beach ball! Gosh, whatever will they think of next?!

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe, they are serious. Anything to keep people's minds off the nightmare Rick Meehan has created on the boardwalk with his imported thugs wreaking havoc after 10pm. Anything to keep you from finding out the police are told to leave them alone and concentrate on DWIs and patrolling low-crime areas instead. Anything to keep you from finding out all his backroom deals with developers giving their listings to his girlfriend in exchange for his influence on approvals. Some police officers and some realtors are anxious to name names, but they fear repercussions. That's where people like you are needed.