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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Verizon claims sabotage on network and cables

Verizon says equipment sabotage spiked in the wake of a strike by Verizon workers, now entering its third week.

Thousands of Verizon customers have been cut off from “critical services" because of "criminals” who have “damaged or destroyed critical network facilities,” according to an announcement last week. That announcement came after a Verizon union went on strike on April 13.

Specific incidents mentioned by Verizon include “Sliced fiber optic cabling” at a network facility in New Jersey that cut off services to customers including police and fire departments and an incident in Massachusetts where phone services were cut off for 16 hours. The cutting of fiber optic and copper cables also occurred in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, which brought down both voice and internet connectivity.



Anonymous said...

There are people in Crisfield who don't have land line phone service. I wonder if this is related to the strike?

Anonymous said...

UNLIKELY.... they are just trying to cover their ass...

Just like how they say they don't throttle you anymore, but they do and even customer service reps slip up and say so... They are mad that they can't rape us even more...

I am glad these people are striking... Good for you, get more money form these ass hats who steal from us in the form of fees, after fees after fees...

Anonymous said...

Those people should be found and criminally charged for their activities as well as all strikers should be fired & replaced. Enough is enough. If they did it for air traffic controllers they can do it for this bunch. I would gladly go do any of their jobs. Verizon doesn't need a union anymore.

Anonymous said...

Verizon deserves anything that happens to them. This business is run by the most unethical greed driven degenerates this country has ever produced. Over the last 3 contracts VZ has taken all they can from employees and now have hit their retirees with take-backs. It's time $46billon in profits trickles down.

Anonymous said...

all we want is unlimited data!

Anonymous said...

If you think Verizon is a bad company, with the rich getting richer? Just wait until the Exelon merger gets all done||| I done.. You think the outages are long just wait, bill high now, they have already asked the PSC for a 10% rate increase for the DC area. Also?? is Verizon sure someone from the union cut those cables or was it someone who cut the cable digging because Verizon did not mark the Miss Utility correct? Just something to think about!!! By the way I am not in union,nor do I work Verizon or DPL

Anonymous said...

Probably because the contractors/scabs don't know what the hell they are doing. Nobody around here would sabotage anything, that's not how we roll. We would be quite upset if anyone in OUR ranks deliberately caused problems, we are proud of our network and have a personal investment in its integrity.

If people are out of service, thank the off the street muppets they're entrusting with your service.

Anonymous said...

We aren't after more money, we are satisfied with the wages we're offered. It's job security, keeping them from outsourcing more to India and other third world countries.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who sabotages the network should be charged and fired, I agree. It is illegal to just fire us while on a legal strike.

You would gladly go do any of our jobs? Good luck with that. You have no idea what is required. Very few people pass all the tests, even fewer can actually do these jobs and make a career out of it.

Go online and apply. If you did get hired, you'd last a couple months, tops, with that attitude. But you'd soon understand why Verizon does need a union.

Anonymous said...

Scabs lol! You union ppl Crack me up. The union is dead these days this isn't the 70s. Unions are the reason for majority of job losses in America. It's why every company goes over seas. No one wants to deal with the headache of a union. Then you call people scabs because they are willing to work,while your home throwing a fit like a grown baby. While hundreds of people would live to do your job for what you already had if not less. And they could be trained to do the same thing you do. Get over yourself your nothing special trust me. Now go back to crying and holding your sign, waving at ppl that just think your useless

Anonymous said...

The only thing your "union" does is keep costs high and protect lazy employees like you from getting canned.

Anyone with half a brain and a couple bucks can get an ITT certificate and be hired.

You're going to be outsourced and/or obsolete within the next decade. Don't believe me? Read Bloomberg. Or just pay attention.

Get back to work.

Anonymous said...

It's never "illegal" to fire anyone at any time. Firing someone for participating in a strike violates the agreement with the so-called Union.

Typical scare tactics from an under-informed Union member.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you who are certain that unions are the reason for higher costs.
Do you actually think that VZ would lower their rates and prices to you if there was no union there at all?
If you do, if you truly believe that, then you probably support Hillary Clinton too.

Anonymous said...

The utter lack of knowledge about our work situation is evidenced by the ad hominem attacks. Stop by and talk to some of us on the picket line, get the facts before getting your keyboard all sticky.

We'll go back to work when we are offered a fair contract, not when some underachiever on the intarwebs starts yapping.

Scamper off, now.

Anonymous said...

Companies don't outsource because of unions. They do so to maximize profits by avoiding the myriad laws and regulations that govern businesses and employment.

I'm sure plenty of people would "love" to be able to do our jobs. I would love to be able to sing like a rock star, but I am not capable of it. Such is life.

You've got a bad case of sour grapes, and that makes a bad case of whine.

Anonymous said...

I see no ad hominem attack(s). Please show us where this occurred.

I doubt anyone on a picket line will provide factual information; lately it's been rhetoric & spin.

The Internet is full of countless examples of how unions have brought down good business. Whether it's technology, manufacturing or service, unions have destroyed it.

I don't think for a minute Vz will reduce rates if they dismantle this Union, but history has shown rates won't climb as expected/predicted either.

If I were you, I'd be focusing on a backup plan when the inevitable happens.

Anonymous said...

April 30, 2016 at 9:23 PM
".. history has shown rates won't climb as expected/predicted either."
Most of the history we've been taught is a lie.
But., beyond that, the history you're citing[and probably reliable]has been in a competitive marketplace. Mergers, behemoth multi-national corps controlling niche sectors of humanity is the 'now'.
Prices would go up 9:23 PM probably quicker.
The destruction of competition through merger & growth is, in my mind, a fracture in the free enterprise system.
clink ¢, clink ¢

Anonymous said...

Referring to us as "lazy" or implying we have "half a brain" or are "greedy" are ad hominem attacks. These are but the simplest of logical fallacies flung wildly at us.

You don't want to ask anyone on the picket line because you don't think we'll give you the facts...there's another.

Good unions with responsible, pro-industry leadership built this country into a manufacturing and production powerhouse. Bad unions with corrupt officials and a poor relationship with the company, are their own downfall, and good riddance.

Shoddily run companies, that refuse to invest in their infrastructure or employees, have taken down unions when they themselves imploded.

Far from destroying industry, the unions were a strong force in keeping good American jobs local, wages and benefits at a livable level, and favorable trade deals with other countries. When union membership began to decline, and jobs were being shipped to China, is when the economy started to fray and unravel, our cities began to collapse into ruins, the welfare non-working class exploded, and unsupervised kids with both parents at work started to roam the streets.

Anonymous said...

Duh, union tactics. Not to say Union Members are doing the deeds, but who else will benefit from... not saying anything, but, well, you know, ...well I just can't really say exactly whom might have access, bur somebody may know the key places to damage for the most effect, but not really thinking it could be anyone from the union...

Yeah Right said...

Keyword "were". No question unions once served a beneficial purpose. Not so much now. There's a reason for the mass exodus and closure. Read a textbook.

You're "lazy" because you choose not to work, knowing your so-called Union will pay you.

Nowhere was it said you have half a brain but it doesn't require an advanced degree to get a job there. Neither does McDonalds.

You're "greedy" because you want Vz to somehow absorb 100% of the rising cost of things like healthcare so you precious net take-home pay stays constant. Then you want a raise for showing up and doing your job. That's the definition of greed.

Your jobs are being outsourced because (1) you're overpaid and it's the only way out of the union stranglehold, and (2) the simplicity of the jobs make it so anyone can do it.

Blaming urban decay on the demise of unions is so far beyond rhetoric & spin it's laughable.

Get. Back. To. Work.

Or don't, and watch what happens.

Anonymous said...

Since when does Vz not have competition? Just because you own all the old copper wires in the ground does not mean there are no other options.

If you want to think most of history is a lie, so be it. You're in the minority on that one.

Anyway, generally, when a company enjoys an increase in efficiency (reduced labor costs, new equipment etc), the resulting increased profit is generally funneled back into the company rather than reducing consumer costs, BUT, price increases are often delayed or cancelled. This occurs universally across the various types of business, including the types you claim as not being in a competitive marketplace.

Spin all you want, the public offers little support for your so-called "Union".