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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Home Depot Issues Response To Hat Controversy – Does THIS To The Employee

One Home Depot employee decided to make a political statement at work by wearing a hat with the words “America was never great”, which set off a firestorm of controversy. But Home Depot responded quickly by banning her from wearing the hat again.

From the Daily Mail:

Home Depot has banned a worker from wearing a hat emblazoned with the words ‘America was never great’ after legions of Donald Trump supporters complained.

Krystal Lake, 22, wore a white cap carrying the slogan to work at a Home Depot store in Staten Island, New York, this week.

A picture of her wearing the hat went viral and split Twitter and Facebook, with some calling her unpatriotic but others defending her right to free speech.

Miss Lake says she has received a barrage of racist abuse and death threats, but insists she will not stop wearing the cap.

The Home Depot worker and City University of New York student told the Staten Island Advance that she took inspiration from Trump’s signature ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

‘I feel [the ‘America was never great’ hat] offended a lot of people because a lot of Trump supporters live in Staten Island,’ she said.

‘Trump is very rash and in your face, but when someone else has a message against him, his supporters can’t take the criticisms.’

Miss Lake, who is a Bernie Sanders supporter, added that her message is not unpatriotic but that she wants the U.S. to improve.

‘People have been saying really racist things to me and that they’re going to come and find me, and that what I said is disgraceful and I hate America – but I don’t hate America.

‘I know there are a lot of opportunities here. I just wish we would worry about making America better – not “great again”.

‘The point of the hat was to say America needs changing and improvement. I don’t think it’s a positive message to say, “Let’s look to the past”.’



Anonymous said...

Hat is not appropriate for an employee working in a public store.

Anonymous said...

If she was white, or wore a hat saying "all lives matter" she would have been fires immediately.

Anonymous said...

bs but at least she's working. guess she believes bernies socialist bs too.

Anonymous said...

She is a fool and needs to get off social media. It's going to back fire on her.

Anonymous said...

Home Depot has a rule in their handbook that states no advertising for anything other then home Depot is to be worn. Should be a no brainer

Steve said...

She needs to answer the question, "How will Socialism improve the Country when every country who has tried it is now defunct?"

Then, she needs to be told to listen to her elders who are now successful on their own.

Poor kid is so stupid...Our education system has failed her miserably.

Anonymous said...

she needs to move to socialist brazil see how they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Boycott store in that area until she is fired--that will get their attention

Anonymous said...

Just another person looking for attention.

Anonymous said...

She needs to be made an example of.

Anonymous said...

If she felt compelled to wear such a hat on the job she should feel compelled to leave this country. She never took time to think about the other employees, and customers, some I'm sure veterans. She should have lost her job, self centered, narrow minded not a good American.

Anonymous said...

She along with all other kids in public schools have been brain washed and indoctrinated into secular humanism, communism, and all other liberal ideaology. And we sat back and let it happen.

Anonymous said...

This country has to erase 8 yrs of obama treasonous BS and that includes college milinnials.

Anonymous said...

The one advantage of her had is that we know where she rates on the Stupid List.

Anonymous said...

Right to free speach on her own time, not at a place of buisness where it is offensive to true americans. I still will not be going into home depot until she is fired.

Anonymous said...

what a cliche she is

KBinLA said...

Yet another misguided liberal progressive.
"'I don’t think it’s a positive message to say, “Let’s look to the past”.’"
The past is EXACTLY where we should be looking for strength today. Far, far too many have yet to learn that.