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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trump Protesters Riot in New Mexico Last Night

Protesters lit fires, smashed a door and threw rocks outside a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night in New Mexico -- the latest scuffle to follow the presumptive Republican nominee's campaign.

The scene outside Albuquerque's convention center was chaotic as police ushered protesters away from Trump's event and into the nearby streets.

There, anti-Trump protesters -- many critical of his positions on immigration -- loudly chanted, "F*** Donald Trump."

The protesters had broken a glass door to the convention center. Some taunted police and jumped on police vehicles as officers in riot gear and on police horses moved them away from the convention center's exits.

Trump had already left the event.

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Anonymous said...

gonna be a yugeee awakening for them! useful idiots!
start krakin skulls and checkin id's!

Anonymous said...

New Mexico? I would say the paid rioters got the Mexicans riled up last night. I hope they were all shot.

Anonymous said...

They arrive looking for trouble and will find it every time.

Anonymous said...

I guess I just don't understand how these actions promote either Democratic candidate. Are we to vote for the candidate that promotes rioting and anti- social behavior? And tell me why this makes a person more qualified for POTUS again?

Anonymous said...

These fools are only solidifying support for Trump. I wasn't a big fan, but the more I see these useless freeloading morons and criminals wreaking havoc on society, the more I'm coming around. Can someone tell me where to get a Trump yard sign? I think I will make it my mission today to put one up in my front yard.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, 7:24! I felt the same way. Originally, I thought Trump would in no way be the GOP nominee. But now
that we can assume he will be, I have to vote for him, hoping he'll do at least half of what he says he'll do. American voters need to remember to keep both houses of Congress in the Republican majority to back the changes Trump will make, though.

Anonymous said...

They are worried that the GRAVY TRAIN is at its last stop and thay are Correct.

Anonymous said...

7:24, great to hear! I'm told that our local Trump HQ at 2xx east Main (2nd shop on the right north side) is closed until closer to November, but I know there's plenty of stuff on the internet available. Check in also with out local Republican Club members for a local source.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather take a chance with Trump for 4 years than Hillary or Bernie. Trump may be a blow hard, but he wouldn't have left our people to die in Bengahzi. ANYBODY BUT CLINTON.

Anonymous said...

Those people don't want to be responsible and work for a living.
They know that Trump will make them work for once.

Anonymous said...

Laugh now cry later illegals and libtards change is coming and you are not going to like it. Tick Tock

They are feeling the pressure and that is why you are seeing this in the South West. Cartel country right in America. Time to toast those refried bean eating bastards.

Maybe old Adolf had it right all along.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago this was called rioting now it's protesting?

Anonymous said...

When you have a valid argument you debate the point. When you don't you kick and scream and throw a tantrum! Any two year old can tell you that!

Steve said...

These are the people who are supporting Bernie and Hillary.

You don't see Trump supporters rioting and burning, do you?

So, who will you vote for?

Riots or meaningful debate?