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Friday, April 08, 2016

Teacher Caught Having Sex With THREE Students Speaks Out – and You Won’t Believe What She Says

Is there a growing trend of teachers having sex with students, or is it merely being reported on more often? Either way, there’s absolutely no excuse for an educator to have an inappropriate relationship with their students.

From The Daily Mail:

A Utah teacher serving time after she admitted to having sexual contact with three of her students defended her actions from behind bars while lashing out at the parents of one of her teenage victims.

Brianne Altice, 37, of Salt Lake City responded to a lawsuit filed against her and the Davis School District in December by one of her victims and his parents saying that they failed to attend her parent-teacher conferences and that their son often complained about his strained relationship with the two.

She also shot down claims that she wore ‘risque’ clothing in the classroom saying that there she had never received any complaints about her work attire.

Altice, who is serving a minimum of two years in prison after pleading guilty last April to three counts of forcible sexual abuse, also said that she had no ‘evil or malicious intent’ by having sexual contact with her three victims.

Altice said she wrote the two-page letter that was submitted to the court last month in response to the lawsuit because she cannot afford legal counsel.

In the letter, obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune, she also responded to allegations that she allowed the boys to skip class and hang out with her, saying that she frequently let both male and female students spend time together in her classroom before and after school and during their lunch hour.

The initial complaint claims that employees at the school told administrators about Altice’s inappropriate behavior with male students and they chose to ignore the problem.

Attorneys for the school district have denied this claim.



Anonymous said...

Well, it's obviously the Parents' fault. OMG!

Anonymous said...

How come there has been no release about the teacher at local high school who was fired for having a "inappropriate" relationship w/ a student i the last few weeks

Anonymous said...

16 yo boy? what a selfish fool!he's ruined it for future generations of boys that could be taking her classes.
where were these teachers when I was in school!
shame, she is really hot! psycho definately, but hot!

Anonymous said...

My goodness , she's a real hottie , lucky boys!

Anonymous said...

I was just sitting here thinking how I would react if my son was involved in this sex game. After a lot of thought I would pat him on the back , then ask if he learned anything.

Anonymous said...

Sex education at it's best , and OJT .

Anonymous said...

6:49 Sick pervert.

Anonymous said...

8:02 come on 16 yo boy? better to have him learn from an older hottie like her then fumble around with a 14 or 15 yo girl and screw up her life.
like i said ruined for future boys everywhere!

Anonymous said...

She can teach me!!