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Friday, April 08, 2016

Governor Larry Hogan Urges House Of Delegates To Take Action, Pass Tax Relief

It’s Been 17 Days Since The Senate Passed Tax Relief, Marylanders Deserve Immediate Action From The House Of Delegates
"Reducing and eliminating taxes, tolls and fees will not only help to create efficiencies and streamline state government — it also has direct, dramatic and positive impact on our state economy and the livelihoods of Maryland's retirees, working families and small businesses. -Governor Larry Hogan, 1/12/16
Governor Hogan Proposed $480 Million In Tax Relief During 2016 Legislative Session For Maryland Citizens And Businesses
Governor Hogan Introduced $480 Million In Tax And Fee Relief. “Additionally, the FY 2017 budget provides for the tax and fee relief legislation recently announced by the governor that will save Maryland citizens and businesses approximately $480 million over the next five years. The Marylanders who will benefit the most under the governor’s proposals are the citizens who have been struggling the most: working families, retirees, and small businesses.” (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget,” Office Of The Governor, 1/20/16)  
  • Tax Relief For Seniors. “Following last year’s passage of a retirement income exclusion for military veterans over the age of 65, the Hogan administration will introduce new legislation to extend the same tax relief to all retirees in Maryland. The administration’s proposed legislation would phase in an increase of the personal exemption for seniors to $5,000 over four years.”  (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget,” Office Of The Governor, 1/20/16) 
  • Tax Relief For Working Families. “For working families, let's deliver on a popular bipartisan issue and accelerate the Earned Income Tax Credit. Most of the tax increases in recent years are regressive taxes that hit working families and retirees on fixed incomes the hardest. They deserve and desperately need our help. Let's work together and finally give them that much-needed tax relief."  (“2016 State Of The State Address,” Office Of The Governor, 2/3/16) 
  • Fee Reductions, Resulting In $100 Million In Tax Relief For Marylanders. “The Hogan administration will propose in an omnibus bill a range of fee reductions across state government, reducing or eliminating the cost associated with a variety of permits, applications, and services. These new fee reductions will result in nearly $100 million in tax reductions to taxpayers over the next five years.”  ("Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget,”Office Of The Governor, 1/20/16)
  • Business Fee Reductions. “The Hogan administration will propose a reduction in the current $300 business filing fee paid annually to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation, by $50 a year for four years.” (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget,” Office Of The Governor, 1/20/16)
  • Tax Relief For Manufacturing Companies And Their Employees. “...Governor Hogan will introduce new legislation designed to make Maryland a more attractive place for manufacturers to locate new factories… Eliminate the state corporate income tax for a period of 10 years on new manufacturers in areas designated as Empowerment Zones, or areas where unemployment is highest…" (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Announces Fiscal Year 2017 Budget,”Office Of The Governor, 1/20/16)
Governor Hogan: “I can’t imagine any member of the legislature from any party possibly having a problem with providing tax relief to retirees on a fixed income, struggling working families or struggling small businesses.” (Pat Warren, “What’s Ahead For 2016 Legislative Session?,” WJZ, 1/12/16)
Governor Hogan Has Made It Clear That He Will Support Real Tax Relief That Will Ease The Burden On Marylanders
Governor Hogan: “First, legislators can focus on passing the across-the-board-income-tax reductions. This much needed tax relief has passed the Senate, it has my full support, and we urge the House to act favorably about it as well.” (Tamela Baker, “Hogan Pushes Lawmakers On Tax Relief, Redistricting,” Herald-Mail Media, 4/5/16)   
Hogan Spokesman Matthew Clark Insisted That Governor Hogan Would Not Veto A Tax Cut Unless It Was “Phoney-Baloney.” “Hogan spokesman Matthew A. Clark said there is no way he could see the governor vetoing a tax cut authored by Democrats unless it was a 'phony-baloney' measure that was actually an increase.” (Michael Dresser, “Assembly Democrats Likely To Wrangle Over tax Cut Specifics,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/24/16)
Hogan Spokesman Doug Mayer: "Ultimately, the governor doesn't care whose name is on the bill or who claims credit — his only interest is in delivering the common-sense tax relief that Marylanders clearly want and deserve." (Michael Dresser, “Senate Panel OKs Income Tax Cuts For Most Marylanders,” The Baltimore Sun3/17/16)
Capital Gazette Editorial Board: Still, Gov. Larry Hogan, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. and House Speaker Michael E. Busch are all interested, in one degree or another, in tax changes to make Maryland more business-friendly and give some help to hard-pressed state residents. So you would think something would get done.” (Editorial, “Our Say: This Session Should Produce Tax Relief Deal,” Capital Gazette, 3/14/16)   
The Senate Passed Bipartisan Tax Relief; Senators Have Expressed Support For Tax Relief
Senate President Mike Miller
“Let’s Help The People Who Don’t Have Anything.” (David Collins, “Personal Income Tax Cuts Talk Don’t Produce Bill In General Assembly,” WBALTV, 2/5/16)  
“...I prepare to vote for tax cuts again, if it’s the right thing to do and all of our Democratic initiatives are fully funded. When I mean Democratic initiatives, I mean K-12, higher education. I mean not putting a tax on students by increasing the tuition by five percent. If those things are fully funded, I’ll look at tax cuts again.” (“Hogan Outlines $480 Million Tax Cut Plans,” WBAL, 1/12/16)
“The fact is that we’re not [just] losing people to Florida… We’re losing to Delaware, we’re losing to Virginia, North Carolina, we’re losing to Tennessee. I wish those states hadn’t abolished their estate tax, but they have. We’re in competition to keep our Marylanders home.” (Jeremy Bauer-Wolf. “Miller Reluctantly Supports Estate Tax Cut He’s Sponsoring,” Maryland Reporter, 3/19/14)
Senator Nathaniel McFadden
Senator McFadden Expressed Support For Governor Hogan’s Proposal Regarding The Earned Income Tax Credit. “The proposal phases in increases in the earned income tax credit over two years. This is designed to benefit those who make between $14,000 and $53,000. The EITC would increase from $75 to $375 when fully implemented. This would reduce, or in some cases, eliminate the amount of state and local income tax owed. ‘If we are going in that direction, we should try to help as many people as possible. My constituents in the Baltimore region are looking for that,’ said Sen. Nathaniel McFadden, D-Baltimore City.” (David Collins, “Maryland Lawmakers Work On Tax-Relief Proposals,” WBALTV, 3/17/16)
Senator Edward Kasemeyer
“I think certainly some portions of it will be successful. There’s no question, I think the business community and individuals are looking for some kind of relief in terms of taxes and I think we’ll be able to accommodate them on some level.”  (Anjali Shastry, “Gov. Larry Hogan’s Tax Plan Divides Maryland Lawmakers,” The Washington Times, 1/13/16)
“We’re Trying To Do Something That Will Have A Positive Impact On Everybody, So We’re Looking At Tax Rates In Combination With The Earned Income Tax Credit.... The Two Together, We Think Will Help.” (Bryan Sears, “Md. Senate Considers Tax-Relief Package,” The Daily Record, 3/15/16)
“It seems logical that we’re going to help our people at the bottom and the top.” (Michael Dresser, “Senate Panel OKs Income Tax Cuts For most Marylanders,” The Baltimore Sun, 3/17/16)   
“The fiscal situation facing us is not one that requires significant reductions in spending, but is one that will allow us to consider implementing prudent tax reductions to help our hardworking citizens.” (Danielle Gaines, “Md. Senate Approves Gov. Hogan’s Amended Budget,” The Frederick News-Post, 3/17/16)  
"The proposals we are making aren't incredibly significant, but they are tax reductions." (David Collins, “Maryland Lawmakers Work On Tax-Relief Proposals,” WBALTV, 3/17/16)    
Senator Richard Madaleno
“If we can find a way to give the tax cuts to the hardworking people of  Dundalk - the people making $30,000, $50,000… Giving them a tax break will mean they will take that money and  put it right back into the local economy, those are the type of smart moves we should do.” (“Sen. Richard Madaleno: I Will Support Tax Cuts For Working Class Families,” YouTube, 1/12/16) 
"If we are going to spend limited tax dollars on tax relief, getting it to the working families in the state, who are going to put that money right back into the economy, the EITC is the best way to do it.” (Erin Cox, “Republican Governor Hogan’s Tax Plans Embrace Democrats’ Ideas,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/13/16)
“...The research shows that almost every dollar that you put out in the EITC is put right back into the economy almost instantly. People pay off bills, people get their car repaired, people buy more groceries, people buy more school clothes. It's a smart measure." (Erin Cox, “Republican Governor Hogan’s Tax Plans Embrace Democrats’ Ideas,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/13/16)
Senator Catherine Pugh
“I think anything that brings jobs to our city and certainly to the state, I applaud efforts to create incentives so we can jump start businesses and create more jobs.”  (Anjali Shastry, “Gov. Larry Hogan’s Tax Plan Divides Maryland Lawmakers,”The Washington Times, 1/13/16)
“We Can Give Tax Relief, But We Have To Make Sure That We Are Balancing Our Needs Of The State.” (David Collins, “Augustine Commission Report Offers Business-Friendly Recommendations,” WBALTV, 1/15/16)
The House Of Delegates Has Failed To Take Action On Senate Tax Relief Package - Now Is The Time To Provide Marylanders With Tax Relief They Deserve 
House Of Delegates Speaker Mike Busch

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