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Friday, April 08, 2016

Bummer: ‘Climate Change” Caused Earth To Slow By A Whopping 1.7 Milliseconds In 100 Years

This obviously means total doom is soon coming, because you have your schedule completely thrown off. It’s as bad as a 1.4 increase since 1850!

Climate Change decreased Earth’s Spin Speed – El Paso Daily Science

Scientists are examing histroical changes in sea level in order to make accurate future predictions of this consequence of climate change, and they’re looking down to Earth’s core to do so. “In order to fully understand the sea-level change that has occurred in the past century, we need to understand the dynamics of the flow in Earth’s core”



Anonymous said...

So, there's a .3 millisecond change overall in the last 200 years?

Certain doom! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Drat!! Just reset all watches and clocks with the switch to Daylight I gotta re-set them?

Anonymous said...

Does the movement of the universe and all within it have anything to do with the slowing? It's all expanding, putting everything farther away from everything else, so the forces that keep us spinning tend to weaken and change.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just think, these Phd.s went to college and deep in debt to study this. Plus they got paid to make such a stupid statement!

Anonymous said...

The headline is in reverse. The headline should read "The earths spin is slowing causing the climate to change."

Anonymous said...

al gore invented milliseconds