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Friday, April 08, 2016

Salisbury/Maryland Community Legacy Announce Downtown Grant Awards

Salisbury – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the following local businesses have been selected to receive a grant from the City of Salisbury to assist with the cost of rehabilitation work to be performed on their commercial or residential buildings located in the Downtown Historic District:

1) $20,000 – Devreco, LLC / 207 West Main St.
2) $13,300 – REPC & HTC, LLC / 106 West Circle Ave.
3) $20,000 – Randolph J. Taylor & Merrill W. Tilghman, Jr. / 232-234 West Main St.
4) $17,360 – Dana Simson & John Orth / 501 West Main St.
5) $13,980 – Wicomico Public Libraries / 122 South Division St.
6) $18,570 – Manhattan Square, LLC / 104 Poplar Hill Ave.

The City of Salisbury received the funding for these grants from the Community Legacy Program of the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD). These funds may be utilized for interior and/or exterior improvements to the structure.

The Community Legacy Program is designed to aid in the revitalization of the Downtown area by fostering the growth of new businesses and assisting expanding businesses. Its objectives are to improve the physical appearance of both the interior and exterior of commercial and mixed-use buildings. Additionally, the program helps to preserve historical structures which are architecturally significant, and address any health and/or safety issues by eliminating code deficiencies.

“This year’s Community Legacy grant recipients represent a diverse cross section of the real estate Downtown,” said Mayor Day. “Among the recipients you’ll find buildings where people gather to shop, learn, eat, live, perform, and work—all in the heart of our City. To the recipients I offer my congratulations, and also my gratitude for their continued investment in Downtown Salisbury. I look forward to seeing the beautification of Salisbury continued in the improvements these grants make possible.”


Anonymous said...

Damn. Did Brad gillis really need another handout of 20k

Anonymous said...

Handouts? I don't know but I do know that #4 is listed on AIR B&B and they are running a rental on line. I must have a misunderstanding about how to qualify for a grant. I need to purchase some property in that area so that I can get paid to run it.

Anonymous said...

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? They need a handout???
Why are any of them getting a handout? They purchased these properties, they knew what they were getting beforehand. If theyve owned them for long periods of time then it is their problem, and theirs alone, to maintain the structure.
This is absolute bullspit. None of the commercial business owners in any other area of town are getting any freebies, why should these people?? 99% of Salisbury's population could give two craps about downtown and how good or bad it looks. People dont go down there because its unsafe and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

lmao historical structures which are architecturally significant? and which buildings down there meet that qualifier? the national register of historic places only list one. the F. Leonard Wailes Law Office, on main st. nothing else. and for sure nothing of architectural significance! a what a joke.

Anonymous said...

All waste. just like Public education.

Anonymous said...

boy mare strikes again.