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Thursday, March 31, 2016

What else has changed over the years?


Anonymous said...

All kinds of things have changed to crap since President Reagan left office.

The military was decimated by Clinton.
The office of the presidency was trashed by Clinton (along with the carpet).
The constitution was discarded by the current POSPOTUS.
Welfare is now at it's highest rates.
Welfare recipients civility is at its lowest rate!
The national debt is now more than all of the previous presidents combined!

We miss you President Reagan!
You're a peice of crap Barry Soetoro!

Anonymous said...

Treasonous OBAMA.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well, we all make mistakes....i.e., ohbummer!

Its been a long 2900+days. Good news - REAL change finally begins Jan 20, 2017!!!

Anonymous said...

That is because Obama is not an American.

Brian Dayton said...

Reagan had more class in his little pinky, than obama will ever have.

Anonymous said...

will Osama move back to Kenya or chicago

Anonymous said...

The last moral POTUS we've have., and he wasn't a politician, he was an actor. The next moral POTUS will be a businessman, not a politician.