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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Truth About the Michelle Fields 'Assault'


Thornton Crowe said...

If you notice, she crossed the secret service line not once but twice she is lucky she was not charged. Reporters are briefed before press conferences about the protocol in these situations. She grabbed Trump twice and was told by agents numerous times to step off. She didn't. Corey didn't hurt her. In fact her images of bruising are completely fabricated as the bruises were in the wrong place.

Ms. Fields has a lengthy history of falsely accusing men of manhandling and assault. This is just the latest in her career as a professional victim.

Anonymous said...

If that was Obama, and someone reached out to grab him, that person would have been stopped as well. She is searching for that 5 minutes of fame. Corey should not be prosecuted for anything. My ex husband did worse to me and no one of authority blinked twice. In the real world you get a slap on the wrist.