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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Not Resisting Political Correctness Could Cost Americans Their Lives

Political correctness has become one of the constants of our age. Many of the examples are more ridiculous than anything else.

Inappropriate Halloween costumes, campus safe zones free from controversial ideas, saying “happy holidays,” and now, from Sweden, men sitting when they have to urinate. But at a time when people are being murdered at home and abroad because of their religion, PC—which really stands for political cowardice—can be downright dangerous.

The latest case just occurred in Philadelphia. Thirty-year-old Edward Archer ambushed a cop, wounding him three times. The officer should recover, but he and we can be thankful that Archer, who blasted away at least 11 times, was such a bad shot.

The attacker, dressed in what one cop termed “Muslim garb,” was quite explicit about why he shot Officer Jesse Hartnett. Said Police Commissioner Richard Ross, Archer “has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of Islam.” Why? “According to him, the police defend laws that he believes are contrary to Islam.”



Thornton Crowe said...

Our PC society where everyone and anyone is offended at the drop of a hat is absolutely ludicrous and unsustainable in terms that it harbors resentments, quashes Freedom of Speech and potentially leads to dangerous incidents like with San Bernadino.

It is absolutely crushing when one thinks that 14 people died due to neighbors of that Muslim couple being afraid to tell police about the suspicious goings on around their apartment prior to the shooting in December. Had those neighbors not been afraid of being label racists those that perished might still be here today.

Just say no to this divisive mentality. Politically incorrect is speaking from heart with honesty and integrity. Those whom cannot forge their own fears, discriminatory minds and natures will just have to suck it up and realize we don't always have to agree. We can even agree to disagree. And while we may not like what someone else's opines may be, it is their right to have and express them. We must respect everyone's rights not just a chosen minority of the moment.

Anonymous said...

Obama has only encouraged this by his lack of response.