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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bus from Salisbury to the March for Life Friday 1/22

Stand up for the pre-born and marginalized threatened by the culture of death! Join the March for Life in Washington DC on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade decision striking down state laws preventing abortion.

The bus will leave Salisbury at 8am Friday, January 22 and return about 7:30pm that evening. The cost is $15 per person, with a maximum charge of $50 for a family. We will be taken to the Mall area between the White House and the Capitol and after participating in a rally, will walk (march) to the Capitol. The bus will pick us up a few blocks from the Supreme Court. Dress warmly.

The bus makes one stop on the way and one on the way home (usually on Kent Island near the fast-food places).

This is a wonderful, peaceful witness to our commitment to Life.


Anonymous said...

Can you pick a better place to stop on the way back than fast food joints?

Anonymous said...

Not smart enough to accept the court's ruling, not smart enough to not eat at McDonalds. If the fork fits, use it.

Anonymous said...

make a suggestion instead of just complaining where they make their stop or pack your own lunch

Anonymous said...

8:01 This has nothing to do with being smart. It is about murdered babies. Is that too hard for you to understand?

Anonymous said...

8:01 - I am really smart and I will no longer "accept" the murderous rulings of men.

Anonymous said...

I bet you believe that penguins walked/swam from the south pole to get on the Ark in order to be saved.