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Thursday, January 14, 2016

This Mother Child Is Extremely Sick From A Disease Brought In By Illegal Immigrants…SHE Refuses To Be Silent!

This facebook post is going VIRAL…and with good reason. This parent’s child is sick…and what they have contracted is a disease that came in…ILLEGALLY!

No parent wants to feel helpless when their child is sick, for that reason, it is necessary for all parents who understand this threat finds the courage to speak out like THIS Mother….Bravo!



Anonymous said...

did FB take the post down? it this supposed to be "hate speech"?

Anonymous said...

you cant say anything about anything that's wrong. heavens forbid the people know the truth! all msm is progressive politics!

Anonymous said...

Watch what you say on FB!! Today they suspended my account for talking about Obama and Muslims. Tried to log on and got a message stating with my post. Big brother is certainly watching.

Anonymous said...

Wow. FB did that?? I've heard of people having the same done and for nothing. Well not nothing but they weren't threats. I guess we will have to rethink FB if they shut down FREE SPEECH.

Steve said...

Cheese! I've been trying to close my facebook account for years without success. Every time someone who is a friend posts something, the two week no use plan is dashed!

Now I know how. Or, how do I do it without getting on the terrorist "watch list"?