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Thursday, December 03, 2015

How to calm a crying baby: Pediatrician's video goes viral

He calls it "The Hold." And Dr. Robert Hamilton, a pediatrician and father of six from Santa Monica, California, says it's the secret to quieting a crying baby.

Hamilton's demonstration of the technique in a video posted on YouTube has quickly gone viral, with more than 1.6 million views in its first three days.

In the video, the doctor shows how he folds a baby's arms across its chest, then holds the child with one hand around its chest and one hand under its bottom, gently rocking back and forth. It takes just moments for baby Ashton, who'd just gotten a shot, to stop crying.



Anonymous said...

Will this work on the crying babies and universities?

Anonymous said...

Going to remember this, good to know.

Anonymous said...

4:25 PM straight jackets will work for them at colleges!

Anonymous said...

I dare you to try it. I want to see you put your hand on their bottom and bounce them with one hand lol

Claudia Balzac said...

They can do that themselves...

I think that's what they call "twerking".