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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Defense disputes whether officer could’ve saved Gray’s life

BALTIMORE (AP) — The first of six officers charged in a police custody death that sparked riots in Baltimore went on trial Wednesday as a prosecutor focused on what the patrolman failed to do: Push a button to call for a medic who might have saved Freddie Gray’s life.

Attorneys for Officer William Porter disputed this and other claims made in the trial’s opening statements, questioning how and when Gray’s neck was broken in the back of a police van, and whether the young black man was really in need of medical attention when he first asked for it.

“You may hope finding him guilty will quell unrest,” but Porter committed no crime, defense attorney Gary Proctor told jurors.

“Let’s show Baltimore the whole damn system isn’t guilty as hell,” Proctor said, paraphrasing a chant used by protesters in the Black Lives Matter movement.



Anonymous said...

Today should be interesting. Whereas Mon and Tues jury selection and Wed jury selection openings and 1 witness, today will be a solid block of witnesses. Defense excellent on cross of state's training academy witness yesterday. Turned a state's witness into a defense witness! Saw this over and over w/Zimmerman.

Anonymous said...

Gray's mother broke down crying when video was being shown and escorted out of courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Obey the law.