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Thursday, December 03, 2015

A Call for Patriots to Stand with Governors against Islamic Invasion of Their States

In light of Obama’s refusal to consider the national security of the united States in relocating individuals from other nations he terms “refugees” who cannot be vetted, period, to ensure a terrorist attack like the one in Paris, France, does not occur on uS soil, and Obama’s threats of action should States not comply, this letter goes out to all American citizens, in all States.

Dear Americans,

As has been broadcast in news reports and other media outlets, Barack Hussein Obama refuses to consider the safety of all American citizens, the national security of this nation and the founding tenets of this nation echoed in the Constitution in his unilateral, authoritarian, almost dictatorial edict of relocating unvetted masses of individuals, the majority of whom are Muslim, from various nations into the united States. In his own words, the uS is slated to import 100,000 individuals per year, mostly Muslim, termed “refugees” from Syria and nations elsewhere. Governors of thirty-one states have stood up to declare their support for the safety of their resident citizens, their commitment to the national security of the united States and their State, and to support the founding tenets of this nation by refusing to accept unvetted masses of individuals into the nation. Because of the vocal opposition of the people of the united States and the opposition of governors to his premise, Barack Hussein Obama publicly humiliated, impudently mocked, and chastised the entire population of the united States of America in front of numerous news cameras and world leaders. Moreover, Barack Hussein Obama threatens the States who do not comply with his demand of accepting mass numbers of individuals he terms “refugees.”


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Obama would be as welcoming to the refugees if his family would live right along side of them. If he would feel safe for his daughters. Doubt it.